Help Puan Sham Perform Hand Amputation Surgery (Diabetic)

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Help Puan Sham Perform Hand Amputation Surgery (Diabetic)

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Puan Sham is suffering from chronic diabetes and lives in a rural village in Malau Jitra, Kedah. She had lost her right leg as she had to be amputated as a result of her illness. She had also just undergone surgery on both her hands to remove the pus fluid and was waiting for the time to undergo surgery to amputate her left hand due to the germs that were spreading and the hand could not be saved.

Puan Sham and her husband, Encik Rosli have two children both of whom are still in secondary school. Puan sham’s husband only works as a farmer near their house as a regular worker. Puan Sham’s condition of not being able to manage herself caused her husband to not be able to work far from their house as her children were also still in school.

Due to Encik Rosli's financial constraints, it is difficult for them to do treatment in the hospital, moreover, the distance between home and the hospital is very far and they have to go to the hospital by taxi because they do not have a vehicle.

Puan Sham needs funds to continue her hand amputation surgery. In line with the mission and objective of Ensany Humanitarian to help those in need, we invite all communities out there, to together contribute to this family so that it can ease the burden of this family and can give benefit to them.

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