A family with 1 month newborn baby are threatened with eviction

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A father and his wife got newborn baby girl, but they are threatened with eviction from the home if they don't pay outstanding debt of 3 months rent

I am Ahmed from Yemen. I am 27 years, and I am married to Malaysian. Actually with this covid-19, I and my family suffer from too many sides. First, we couldn’t pay for the rent and bills for the past of two months, and after a week from now we will be asked to pay the next month rent and bill. My financial situation is  very bad that I am and my family going through hard times . We need money for this 3 months payment.

My baby girl needs pampers and milk which makes me feel helpless and cry more for help 

what makes the situation more and  more difficult is that I have 1 month old newborn baby girl who needs her own daily needs of pampers and milk. too much difficulty and strains that you can imagine especially with the current control moment that have been in practice for almost two months, making me unable to work and left with no source of income to cover what I need to cover of family expenses.

We don't have job, no source of income and we need to pay the rent within one week you can imagine ! 

For the time being I am now looking for job after the ease of movement order, However, I couldn’t find my way to any type of work  because the situation in the country is still tied.  My wife used to work before the spread of covid-19 but she took maternity leave to undergo delivery process. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t give her salary during the holiday as she had only been working for 3 months. Now, the owner of the apartment keep sending us messages to leave if we couldn’t settle the payment within this one week.


what adds more to our difficulty is that I am further threatened with overstay issues  

At the same time my social pass was expired during the MCO, on 16 April before, and immigration want me to go outside for getting new stamp but with this financial hardship I don't have the ability to  prepare myself to travel and comeback. I’ll be in another problem that my stay in Malaysia will be illegal if I don't travel and  get the new stamp. According to all this problem I’ll send together all conversations with the owner as proofs, my wife manager and the bills. I hope you can help me in this situation. May Allah bless you .


What can you do to help me and my family?

With your donations, you’ll be providing entire family not only with the simple gift of  support, but you’ll be providing them with the pathway out of difficulty, strains and  poverty . for the sake of the newborn baby and the poor mother who wishes to have complete smile at her face after delivery and pity on the father who is now is burden with too much problems and difficulties. Help them go through this dire situation and settle their payment. Even RM 5 of your donation can make a big difference if you, your member of family or your friend donate it. As Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz once said: “Prayer takes you halfway. Fasting gets you to the door. But charity, charity gives you an audience with the King.”   Please join us with your help and share this campaign

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Rahmah is in a big need of your help

Rahmah is in a big need of your help


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