Be the answer for a mother's prayer

Be the answer for a mother's prayer

70 days

Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.

This is Mrs. Ibtisam Nimr Ismail Al Shaer from Gaza (Palestine). She is 59 years old. She is the only one who is taking care of her family after her husband left her 16 years ago. Her daughter suffers from a case of epilepsy and her brain. One of her boys died 6 months ago after suffering from a laceration in the brain and epilepsy.

They live a very difficult life. She is trying to provide treatment for her daughter at her own expense. It costs her about 600 shekels a month (RM 803) and she needs her daughter to have an operation. Sister Ibtisam is living with diabetes, pressure, and a herniated disc. They are burdened with debts and they are threatened with eviction from the house due to house rent. She is unable to provide treatment for her daughter and son. Days without electricity, they do not have any life.  She is in a tragic physical and psychological condition. Her daughter became in a very difficult condition after the death of her son, who suffered from the same disease. Her son was married and has two children. Now they are her responsibility, which made the situation more difficult for her.

Ibtisam grew extremely ill that she cannot walk due to calcium deficiency and knee roughness, and she cannot move her right hand due to stiffness in her neck. She is no longer capable of offering treatment for herself or her children, nor is she able to afford to pay the house's rent debts. 

We are looking for financial support to help this family. We urge you to extend a helping hand. Any support for the family would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous Donated $12 - 2 days ago

    "Ya Rabb, we are full of sins and I do not have enough for ourselves. We are following up our bad deeds with this good one, and we make tawassul by it that you forgive us Ya Rabb, and that you may free us of our guilt and lighten the burden in our hearts"

  • Anonymous Donated $4 - 2 days ago

    May Allah ease you and family. Aameen

  • Shahril Bin Jumaat Gifted $10 - 2 days ago

    May Allah help us all. Aamiin

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