food aid project 2021 in Uganda

food aid project 2021 in Uganda

16 days

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh

Subject: Submission of Proposal for food package Project 2021 in Uganda

May this letter find you well in good health and stronger Imaan.

Since Last year Uganda has been affected by many cases of COVID-19 which has affected the economy of many people . We are now requesting for the food Aid on behalf of our people who are mostly in need of food in few town and mostly the droughts area of Uganda. May Allah will bless you for your contribution.

Brief introduction about the Muslim status in Uganda:

Muslims in Uganda (35.5% of Ugandan population of ( 45.74 Million people) the coronavirus pandemic period has really affect the Muslim community. Due to facing poverty and many suggestions raised from Muslim community, MORU Community development organization wishes to seek funds for implementing the Food Pack program in many needy Muslim communities’ counties and towns.

Need of the project:

Generally quarter millions of Muslim (ethnic minority) living in Uganda (non-Muslim country) are always facing many problem in professing their business to profit their families because of poverty for economic after many years of natural calamities like, floods and drought especially in Sironko and Budaka. Every day, the Non-Muslim missionary try their best to convert our brothers and sisters to their faith through donation. So donation from Muslim NGOs shows the Muslim here that they are still concerned and paid much attention for other Muslim brother and sister in abroad. We need support from Muslim NGOs to help our brothers and sisters who mostly affected by this coronavirus pandemic period.

Beneficiary Selection

 As 85% of Ugandan population is living under the poverty line, there is a need to identify other criteria in order to identify the most vulnerable population (“the poorest of the poor”) of our targeted area. The vulnerability criteria will therefore be the following:

- Female headed families

- People with disabilities

- People with chronic disease

- Families with malnourished children under 5 and/or malnourished pregnant and lactating women

- Families with a high number of children and no regular source of income

- Orphaned children families

- Elderly with no remittances

- Families breadwinners living with HIVAIDs The beneficiaries’ identification will be done in an open and transparent manner, in order to reduce the risks of frustration and misunderstanding of the families that will not be selected. In each village, a committee will be created, composed of men and women from the village.

What kind of support you can extend:

With strong hope, Moru Community Development Organization is submitting a proposal for Food packages Project 2021 to you. You can support us in any amount you wish, we warmly welcome your kind humanitarian support. Your kind support to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Uganda would be unforgettable gratitude for our generations.

May Almighty Allah accept your great efforts for the sake of Ummah.


Images from our previous charitable activities: 






We extend ourdeeply sincere thanks for your kind consideration on our proposal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any requirements.

With best regards, Wasalaam

Wandera Ibrahim


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