Help A 5 Years Old Child To Fight Leukemia (Blood Cancer)

Help A 5 Years Old Child To Fight Leukemia (Blood Cancer)

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Saeed is a little boy from Yemen, He is 5 years old, diagnosed with leukemia, and living in a very difficult condition.

A short time ago, the child’s mother visited the hospital in order to do a medical examination for the child. The hospital took a blood sample and found that he had Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia and viral hepatitis.

The condition of the young child is now very difficult and at risk of death if it is not treated. He has nothing with him except his mother, who has no trick to treat her child and is now collapsed in front of her son's tragedy. The financial situation of the family is very weak, there is nothing in the house to satisfy their hunger.. she hardly fights to provide food and has no way to work because she is the only one who takes care of her sick child and cannot leave him alone.

At the present time, Saeed is still undergoing chemotherapy sessions in the hospital, while his mother says that there is nothing at home to feed her son and save him and herself from hunger...

A miserable condition that the mother and her child are going through, they are now in dire need of your help in order to pay the costs of treatment and buy food

Any amount you donate will help Saeed and his mother to get out of their crisis



  • Anonymous Donated $4 - 1 month ago

    May Allah grant speedy recovery. Aameen.

  • Anonymous Donated $36 - 1 month ago

    May Allah swt heal this child. Aameen

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