Ibrahim an 8 years old boy needs to do surgery due to a car accident

Ibrahim an 8 years old boy needs to do surgery due to a car accident

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Ibrahim an 8 year old boy needs to do surgery due to a car accident


Ibrahim, aged 8 years, from Syria and living in Malaysia as a refugee. The boy was hit by a car on 01/10/2022. The driver took him to the nearest hospital and fled. He received first aid at Subang Hospital, and it was found that he had several fractures in his right leg.

He needed a quick surgical intervention. He was transferred to the University of Malaya Hospital due to the high cost of the Subang Hospital. The first surgery was performed two days after the accident. The son needed a second and complementary surgery.

The hospital requested a total payment of RM15, 000 as a deposit, of which the father had only 2,300 RM, so he started trying to secure the amount and borrowed from some friends, and got help from other beautiful souls (donors) who helped him out with the rest of the amount needed.

Alhamdulilah, Ibrahim has managed to undergo his second surgery and installed a medical brace on his leg.

The help needed:

Ibrahim now needs your help to do physical therapy in the hospital and the cost needed is RM5,500

Ibrahim has 3 siblings, including his parents, who are living in Malaysia as refugees. The father works with a salary of RM1,500 which means their financial income is very poor to cover the cost of living, rent and other expenses.

Without your help Mohammed Ala Chaib the father of Ibrahim will not be able to cover the cost of the surgery for his son. We need your prayers and support. May Allah reward you well.

  • Anonymous Donated $4 - 3 weeks ago

    May Allah give Ibrahim best of cure fastest relief. May Allah bless him with long life full of ibadah

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