Stationery for Syrian children in the camps

Stationery for Syrian children in the camps

57 days

Campaign Idea:

Because education is a legitimate right of the child and a path that must be sought in order to advance an educated, civilized society away from war, destruction, and displacement, with God's help, we launched the Seraj Learning campaign, through which school supplies will be provided to refugee children in camps in Syria, where a large number of these children were forced to leave their studies due to the war and harsh living conditions.


Campaign Objectives:

1- Enabling the student to return to study and learn in the best way and comfort.

2- Providing complete stationery that enables the camps' children to continue their studies well.

3- Reducing the phenomenon of child labor who were forced to leave their studies because of poverty.

4- Advancement of an educated and civilized society that builds Syria again after the end of the war.


Campaign area: Syria camps


Target group: orphans and poor children who drop out of school due to bad economic conditions.


Expected results of the project:

1- Providing stationery to 500 children.

2- Bring joy and happiness to the hearts of these children and their families.

3- Supporting the education process in the Syrian camps.


The cost of the project:

The cost of one stationery: $10

The total cost of the project: $5000

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