Food basket for Syrian displaced families

Food basket for Syrian displaced families

63 days

In the Syrian camps, the situation is completely different from normal life in the rest of the world! Death here is always closer to the refugees than life. death from starvation, death due to poverty, death due to fatal diseases and the inability to treat them, and due to great psychological pressure.

Food is a human right, and that lofty humanitarian message is the starting point of the (Anti-Hunger) program, which aims to combat hunger and related malnutrition diseases. International statistics indicate that malnutrition afflicts everyone, all members of society, all its layers. Mothers and children are among the groups most exposed to malnutrition and therefore the most vulnerable groups, and therefore the focus is placed on measures that will improve the nutritional status of children and mothers.

Urgent rescue phase: It includes the provision of foodstuffs to reduce food deterioration, which is the food basket project.


Project Objectives:

1- The project targets poor families in refugee camps in Syria, and its goal is to satisfy extreme hunger and reduce the deterioration of the health situation due to lack of food by distributing seasonal and continuous food baskets on a monthly basis to economically fragile families, from the poorest and marginalized areas of the camps in northern Syria

2- Supporting poor families, standing with them, and notifying them of social solidarity


Target group: Poor families and camp residents in northern Syria.


Expected results of the project:

1- Distributing 500 food baskets per month

2- Filling the nutritional needs of the family


The cost of the project: The cost of one food basket is 25$

The total cost per month is 12500$. However, the campaign will go through three phases.

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