Many parents are deprived from Childbearing "give them your kind help to conceive"

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Many parents are deprived from Childbearing "give them your kind help to conceive"

Many parents are deprived from Childbearing "give them your kind help to conceive"

62396.66 RM Collected Of 60000.00 Goal

It is a sense of humanistic feeling and duty to help parents who can't afford paying for IVF procedures to conceive 

Every person in this life has what makes him/her feel sad and concerned about something, but in return we all have hope, motivation and purpose ... What is meant is that we must strive to remove these bad feelings and replace them with good and positive ones .. Every shortage we have or all of the problem with silence and inaction that does not superseded with perseverance and the pursuit of solution and success remains shortage and remains a problem, but every shortage and all obstruction with determination, persistence and endeavor will turn into success and confidence ... And by the end, whatever the result, we get reassurance and contentment.

It is a sense of duty and feeling of happiness to draw a smile on the faces of parents, this is what the International Hospital of ALHELOU in the Gaza Strip do. It provides more than 50 In Vitro fertilization IVF operations every month for free, and that is because there are more than 10,000 cases annually in the Gaza Strip, due to the blockade, the difficult financial and economic situation and the cut of wages have led to great poverty. Plus the accumulation of three consecutive wars have led a great increase in the number of infertility cases for more than 10% of the entire population for more than 200,000 infertile case in Gaza-strip only.

How can you help?

Because we know how difficult the situation is we therefore plan to put a smile on the lips of the deprived childbearing and to help in the process of implantation of children of tubes for difficult cases unable to bear and pay the costs.
We decided to help these cases but without your generous and kind help, it will not be easy and possible to further continue this humanistic project. thus, the international hospital of ALHELOU seeks your help to participate and donate for the benefit of Palestinian families who are living in Gaza-strip and who couldn’t afford paying for IVF procedures, each procedure approximately costs 3000$  per case ,the hospital has an obligation to fund each case for a thousand dollars for each 2000$ have been raised from the campaign, and we are targeting as a start  50 cases every month.

Additional documents shall be provided upon request  

AlHELOU  international Hospital has been established since 1995,

The hospital was famous for its IVF center which was considered at that time as the first center in Palestine. IVF center has managed to raise lots of funding throughout the years for people who couldn’t afford for the high expensive costs of IVF , from different countries around the world. Meanwhile the hospital yearly funded more than 200 patients for free I.V.F trials to help people conceive as a part of its community supporting role. 

“Create a smile, create a family, help people conceive “

They need your help and support, let us open the door of hope in life to them.

Ready to get started? Join thousands of others today.