Feed them today and Save their life (Uganda 2021)

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Feed them today and Save their life (Uganda 2021)

Feed them today and Save their life (Uganda 2021)

837.72 RM Collected Of 16103.00 Goal

Food pack for Ugandan poor people 2020

In Uganda, most of the families lie below poverty line totaling to 68% and they depend on subsistence agriculture. In Uganda we have 2 planting seasons, March and July but sometimes the food harvested cannot sustain our people throughout the year to the next harvesting season. With the challenge of Covid-19, poor people have been greatly affected. 
AHD Islamic foundation has come up with this food aid proposal to help the poor people, windows and elderly.

who are we?

AHD Islamic Foundation is a non-profit registered Community Based Organization in Uganda working for the uplift of the community through community participation. The organization was founded in the year 2017. Its activities include

v    vRamadan
v  Qurban
v  Education / Sponsorships of Orphans
v  Livelihood
v  Emergency Response
v  Provision of Safe Water

Purpose of the Project: 

AHD Islamic Foundation hopes that this project will

i)             We shall provide food packs to the widows, elderly people, orphans and people with disability.

ii)            We shall provide maize flour, rice, sugar, soap, salt, cooking oil and beans. 

Specific Objective

1.    To improve the food security status of most vulnerable drought affected families within Sironko.

Beneficiary Selection

As 68% of Ugandan population is living under the poverty line, there is a need to identify other criteria in order to identify the most vulnerable population (“the poorest of the poor”) of our targeted area. The vulnerability criteria will therefore be the following:

v  Female headed families

v  People with disabilities

v  People with chronic disease

v  Families with a high number of children and no regular source of income

v  Orphaned children families

v  Families breadwinners living with HIVAIDs

v  Widows

Expected results:

Families will receive food packs.

Photos will be taken

Video recordings 


Each family will receive a food pack containing rice, maize flour, sugar, beans, salt, soap and cocking oil. 

Distribution Implementation Timeline:

Content and quantity of Food pack and Itemization Budget: 

Other costs:

Imagine your support even if it is small it will make difference and can save a soul from dying out of hunger,
Take part today in this blessing aid work to help your brothers and sisters in Islam fight hunger in Uganda.
May Allah bless you.

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