Livelihood support through the distribution of laying hens

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Livelihood support through the distribution of laying hens

Livelihood support through the distribution of laying hens

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  •  Planned activities:

The project extends from the beginning of November of 2020, and the intervention includes the following activity:

Distributing laying hens with the necessary fodder.

During the month of November, preparations begin to implement the activity of distributing layer chickens and the necessary fodder after preparing the purchases, contracting and registering the beneficiaries, as the layers of laying hens will be distributed to them and the distribution of sufficient fodder for a period of 6 months also and this activity will be implemented during the month of October and December. 

As the weather is mild and suitable for completing the operations of purchasing, transporting, and distributing poultry to the beneficiaries, and the percentage of chicken death during transport and distribution will be at its lowest. We will provide veterinary care for poultry through our specialized team, and there will be periodic visits to the beneficiary families during the project period. 

Tal Abyad area in Syria is inhabited by a large number of displaced people because it is considered safe areas, as it is under the control of the Turkish government, large livestock, and poultry. Therefore, the villages in which each type of intervention will be implemented will be chosen according to the nature of the village, by conducting a needs survey at the beginning of the project, through which we draw a map of the villages in which we will work. 

  • Target geographic area:

Tal Abyad is the area where this project will be implemented. It is safe as it's controlled by the Turkish government, the location is now occupied by a large number of Syrian indigenous people estimated at about 170,000. This is in addition to refugees, with a total number of 60,000 person who have reached the area uptill now. 

  • The aim of the project: 

  • The project also aims to enhance the resilience of the intervention communities, reduce displacement, and enhance support for the targeted families
  • Priority aids will be given to female-headed households, families hosting internally displaced persons, families with children, families with disabilities, and those families with individuals suffering from chronic diseases.

  • Project activities:

Distributing laying hens with the necessary fodder

  • Beneficiaries:

  1. Families that do not have a source of income.
  2. Families with limited income under 40,000 Syrian pounds.
  3. Families with women over the age of 18 who are able to work.
  4. Female-headed households.
  5. Vulnerable families (headed by the elderly, the handicapped, and those with chronic diseases, the families hosting the displaced or orphans and families with the largest number of individuals, especially children).

  • Purchases:

During the month of November, our team will prepare to buy laying hens and chicken feed from Turkey to be delivered to the families who do not have agricultural lands and do not have experience in raising poultry, especially from displaced families. The total number of families benefiting from poultry is 500 families, each family receives 10 laying hens and rooster, one with a quantity to feed for 3 months, as each family receives 100 kg of compound poultry feed. 
The quantities that will be purchased and distributed will be as follows:

  • Project sustainability:

It is known that chickens are easy to raise and multiply in good numbers, and since the prices of eggs are good and because locally produced eggs are in great demand in the local market, the yield resulting from the sale of chicken eggs will meet a large part of the family's living needs as well as cover the costs of raising chickens and the protein resulting from feeding Eggs help the children in the family replace the protein deficiency sometimes caused by malnutrition. 

  •  Time plan for implementing activities:

  • Logical framework:

  • Project budget:

your kind support can help hundreds of people to stand on their own feet, and without your help, these people will remain in their suffering 

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