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Support a Palestinian young man who got shot in Gaza

Support a Palestinian young man who got shot in Gaza

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Our sincere greetings to all people of good hearts

Mohammed Saeed is a Palestinian young man, living in Gaza with his family (10 members and a single mother). Due to the series of wars occurring, Mohammed got shot in a mass shooting in 2018. The gunshot wound is 1 cm on the right foot and 7.5 cm in length on the ankle, with a break throughout the heel bone. Mohammed was taken to the hospital for various wound cleaning operations and need more operations to recover.

Mohammed as a victim needs your support to help pay for care like rehabilitation and surgery. And other costs include in-patient care, follow up. Despite his inability to cover the expensive medical bills or support his family with 10 members and a single mother, he has debts accumulated from pharmacies. Mohammed’s family is in absolute desperation for support. They are unable to raise the money to cover this medical expense due to a lack of opportunities, financial support, and tremendously challenging days going on right now in Gaza. Therefore, we are humbly requesting your financial support to enable him to receive the treatment.

This fund is intended to give him and his family a little financial breathing room as he recovers from his injury. With your support, you’re taking part in helping a Palestinian young man victim to walk again to be the supportive element for his family.

Jazak Allahu Khayran for any kind of help you provide.

اللغة العربية 

انا من عائله من عشر افراد ، امي منفصلة. ساكن في منطقة النصيرات. و انا جريح و مصاب بطلق ناري في غزة في 2018. إصابتي تسبب في كسر عظمة الكعب ]كما هو موضح في الصورة [و يصعب علي الحركه. ليس لدي امكيانيات ان اتعالج بسبب أوضاعنا في غزة. احتاج لمبالغ كثيرة لتغطية العمليات و العلاجات المطلوبة وليس باستطاعتي دفع التكاليف. وعلي أيضاً ديون للصيدليات. ليس لدينا معيل أو مساعد لعائلتي وليس لدينا اي دخل. ساكنين بالايجار ولا يوجد لدينا اكل في البيت. وأكلنا من الجيران.

انا أتمنى من اهل الخير وأرجوا المناشدة لاهل الخير واهل النخوة واخواننا المتبرعين الله يطول بعمركم ويوسع رزقكم انكم تساعدوا اخوكم الجريح محمد سعيد محمد السناوي.

جزاكم الله خيرا على كل حال من الاحوال وعلى اي مساعدة تقدمونها

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