Together we fight with Ibtisam (Cancer patient)

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Together we fight with Ibtisam (Cancer patient)

Together we fight with Ibtisam (Cancer patient)

125 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal

Ibtisam Tawfiq Badir, a cancer patient from the Gaza Strip, is looking for treatment and is struggling to survive, but unfortunately, the closer she gets to recovery, the disease recurs. The disease worsens because she did not complete the treatment.

Such medical treatments are expensive, and as the whole world knows that Gaza is besieged and Ibtisam should travel to Egypt to undergo her treatment. But the borders are completely closed. Therefore, she can't travel unless she pays large sums that she can't afford to pay. Support this strong cancer patient to get a chance to travel and recover from this serious disease and to end the nightmare of cancer in her life. Helping her to offset travel and accommodation expenses, as well as helping reduce some of the other financial burdens this cancer diagnosis may cause. The funding will help eliminate any obstacle caused by either the travel time or the distance to the hospital. Please contribute the least you can so we can reduce a little bit of the stress caused by such a fight.

From the bottom of our hearts, we really appreciate any contribution towards this fight, thank you!

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