Prosthetic Limbs For Gaza (Phase 2)

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Prosthetic Limbs For Gaza (Phase 2)

Prosthetic Limbs For Gaza (Phase 2)

6582.34 RM Collected Of 6500.00 Goal

The repeated Israeli wars on the Gaza Strip have left many with disabilities (limbs).

According to official statistics from the Palestinian Census Bureau, about 48,000 people in Gaza, or about 2.4 percent of the population, have a disability, more than one-fifth of whom are children. 

A United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) official estimates that the actual figure is much higher. The World Health Organization estimates that about 15 percent of the world’s population has a disability. Some people acquired a disability following injuries stemming from the Israeli authorities’ use of force.

-Prosthetic Limbs For Gaza-

After someone goes through an amputation, their life can become significantly more difficult because of the sudden loss of mobility.

The prosthetic limbs will provide independence to the recipients, allowing them to move around more freely and not rely on others for support with everyday tasks. 

Not only will this prosthetic limb enable someone to walk again, but it will also allow those who can and wish to work again, the ability to do that. 

This project aims to collect funds for the installation of prosthetic limbs for 5 disabled (limbs) in Gaza, rehabilitating them to adapt using them in their daily lives.

- Installing prosthetic limbs for 5 Disabled Individuals.

- Provides comfort and freedom of movement for the disabled and raises their morale.

- Support disabled individuals that struggle with a financial situation

List of  Selected Patients:

Patient name


Treatment cost

Wael sheriff


1500 USD

Sheriff weal


1200 USD

Esraa Maher


3000 USD

Ahmed Moawya


1200 USD

Akram Freeh


1500 USD

Total Cost


8400 USD


Together we can make a difference in their lives 


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