A young son with epilepsy needs your help

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A young son with epilepsy needs your help

A young son with epilepsy needs your help

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Muemin: 29 years old from Palestine

He has a general mental and cognitive weakness, have difficulty understanding and comprehending, and has had epileptic convulsions since childhood. He is required to take three different types of medications. His nervous condition always worsens and peaks when he does not receive treatment, putting him in danger. Muemin also has some dead cells in his brain as a result of convulsions, according to his doctor, so his awareness is not commensurate with his age.

Muemin’s parents:

His father has reached the age of 65 and he is also diabetic and cannot walk on his feet but he moves in a wheelchair. The mother is 60 years old, a memorizer of the Quran, and helps girls as a volunteer to memorize Al Quran in a neighboring mosque in the Gaza Strip.

His family's financial condition is horrible, and they have no breadwinner, but Allah and some good people who sometimes help us with treatment, but intermittently. Even food, sometimes they find it hard to get it on their table due to the conditions of the siege in Gaza and due to Corona. Their house is uninhabitable, so they are now knocking on the door of good people through the Ensany platform so that they can obtain psychological support first for their son Muemin and his father who has been suffering from the same condition as Muemin. In addition, they need financial support to be able to buy treatment, food, and clothing and live a decent life.

Your help will give them hope and enable Muemin to undergo the necessary surgery, putting an end to the constant caregiving and treatment. As a result, we implore you to feel compassion for him and his parents' sufferings.

Jazakum lahu Khayran

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