Feeding 50 disabled children from the poorest families in Yemen

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Feeding 50 disabled children from the poorest families in Yemen

Feeding 50 disabled children from the poorest families in Yemen

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project background
Yemeni society in all its categories has suffered from extremely difficult living conditions, due to the war, which pushed With the vast majority of Yemenis to the brink of extreme poverty, they lost their jobs and sources of income, and the living situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate, with the war continuing. The orphans category is one of the most suffering segments of Yemeni society in light of these difficult living conditions, as studies and statistics indicate that orphans are among the most vulnerable segments of society to social loss and suffering from illiteracy, and the hardship of living, because they do not receive full care, and it is difficult for them to obtain The simplest requirements for a decent living. Especially in light of crises and conflict, and hence the society, with its individuals, institutions and various bodies, bears the responsibility to play a basic and effective role to bridge this gap in the life of an orphan.

In this context comes a project, helping 110 orphaned children with food and providing medical and health care
Proceeding from the vision of the Humanitarian Cooperation Foundation and its accumulated experience in working with children with special needs and orphans, and in order to carry out its responsibility efficiently and effectively, in cooperation with its partners in humanitarian work, the International Humanitarian Organization in order to meet the needs of orphans and improve their living, social, educational, health and psychological conditions, and to provide the minimum of good living.

The goal of this project:
The project seeks to provide a living guarantee for 100 orphans of children with special needs especially, in Yemen and areas of conflict, crises and disasters, and the poorest in Yemen, which is often difficult. Orphans have to meet the simplest requirements for a decent living, and orphans with special needs are selected
  • Studying the orphan's case and ensuring his need for sponsorship by verifying their parent's  death certificate
  • To be an orphan of both parents or an orphan of the father
  • He must be less than 18 years old
  • The orphan must not be sponsored by another party

Project activities

Reducing cases of malnutrition among orphans and people with special needs by distributing monthly food baskets for them for a period of six months

Providing medical care costs for orphaned children with special needs who cannot afford their treatment

The prices of food baskets contain __ (the price of one basket)


The names of all children were recorded, their contact numbers were attached, and a certificate of loyalty was attached to each family and proved it. 
our NGO will provide all necessary documents if requested.

Jazakum Lahu khayran fo your kind help 

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