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Save A Teacher From Becoming Deaf & Blind

Save A Teacher From Becoming Deaf & Blind

854.17 RM Collected Of 850.00 Goal

 المرجو سحب الصفحة للاسفل من اجل الاطلاع على الحملة بالعربية

Ali Ahmed is a teacher from Yemen (born in 1968). He has been a teacher for many years, but due to the current circumstances in Yemen, Ali has now been working without salary for four years. Along with overthinking and life stress, he started to get sick in the past few years. His body started to get weak. Then he found himself unable to do anything. He found it very hard to eat, live and get on with his life. His body started to turn against him.

After a full medical and vision examination, it was determined that he had really lost his sight. He suddenly went deaf after fully losing his hearing in his right ear. The hearing in his left ear is likewise on the risk of being lost unless we can save him by doing the Cochlear Implant implant.

This year, he started feeling some further difficulty seeing. After a thorough medical and sight check-up, it was confirmed that he actually has lost sight. Also, he was diagnosed with hearing impairment and sight problems. He recently lost his hearing completely from his right ear and became deaf. The hearing from the left ear is also on the verge of losing unless we can save him by doing the Cochlear Implant. Being deaf and having sight issues is a real struggle for a teacher.

Ali was advised to get a cochlear implant done as soon as possible because the hearing aid will not be functional for him anymore.

If you can donate any amount, however little it may be, it could go a long way in saving someone from becoming handicapped for life.

اللغة العربية 

الاسم \علي أحمد علي عبده.        السكن/اليمن - الحديدة.       من مواليد عام/1968م

انا اخوكم في الله من اليمن وقدر الله علي بالصمم محتاج لعمليه وزراعة قوقعه الأذنين وأعاني من ضعف نظر محتاج لعملية النظر. الان انا أصم ما اسمع وعندي تقرير لتكلفة العملية من مصر والى يومنا ما حصلت على فاعل خير بسبب الحرب عندنا باليمن ممكن أجد في قلبكم الرحمة والشفقة الإنسانية. انا متزوج ومدرس الي أكثر من أربع سنوات بلا راتب والديون متراكمة علي. والان اريد منكم مساعده رمزيه للتغلب على الظروف المعيشية. لا رواتب وأعاني مشاكل في السمع والنظر.

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