Giving HOPE to those in need!

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Giving HOPE to those in need!

Giving HOPE to those in need!

150 RM Collected Of 8293.00 Goal

Food and dress for orphan children

There are over 2 ten million orphans in India, more than the total population of Sri Lanka! This figure is from a detailed study by SOS Children’s Villages. With half of them living in extreme poverty.  And a lot of them are struggling even more because of the flood happened. The responsibility of caring for the orphan falls on all of us. Who could be more deserving of our help than the orphan child!

As an Orphan Helper, I am raising money to improve the future of orphaned children for future job and training, their marriages, and building them a better and safer home. Our aim stands to support them as much as we can by providing them with essential daily food and other basic needs. In stage one, we decided to help and support 200 orphan children. With all your help InshaAllah we can achieve that goal

Rescue Orphans for $20 a month. Your donation will help them with:

 A safe place to live, Food, Medicine, Education

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