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Contribute to Mumtaz's journey to have a normal life

Contribute to Mumtaz's journey to have a normal life

3165.33 RM Collected Of 3100.00 Goal

Mumtaz Mahmoud Al-Banna is 12 years old

He suffers from autism and cerebral palsy, Cerebral Palsy is a long-term disorder and has no cure but treatments can help improve function, along with involuntary urination. He needs to undergo special sessions and special treatment, approximately 3000 dollars. In the case of Mumtaz, his movement is very limited, he can’t walk, can’t speak, he can’t Sit, and eats without assistance.

His family did and still doing everything they can and to the very best of their abilities to love and care for him physically, emotionally, and financially. The support system for Cerebral Palsy is very expensive which makes it very hard to have access to medical equipment that helps with assistance for a day to day life. Since his family can’t afford the expenses that support or meets their child’s treatment, they rely on your support after Allah. His family never lost hope they feel as if he will miraculously get better one day.

Background of the family:

This is a family of 9 members. The father does not work, and they live in a rented house. The mother is a patient with rheumatoid arthritis and is in need of treatments as well. Some of their children quit and drop out of their higher education due to financial issues.

Your support can help the family with easing the burden of medical bills for Mumtaz treatment and the mother. Your support will take part in helping their child to give him comfort in this short life and keep that smile on his face. Every penny or RM1 counts and supports them more than you can imagine. If you can’t donate, please share so we can spread the message.

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