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Rebuild a Home and Change Lives!

Rebuild a Home and Change Lives!

2548.85 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal

Assalamu Alaikum



Saleena and her family live in India. She is from a rural village. She has one daughter and one son. It is heavy rain and flood now in her village. Her small old house is not strong enough to live in. The house she is staying in now does not have any proper roof or safe walls. The house is 40 years old. It is not safe to live in this house anymore. Her husband is handicapped. And two children are teenagers and they couldn’t continue their education due to financial struggle.

Saleena works as a housemaid and cleaner. That is their sole source of income. She couldn't afford to build a new house with her little earnings.

They need to build a new strong house for Saleena and her children's protection. Saleena does not now have the financial means to construct a new home. But she cannot put her children's lives at risk. Therefore, before the following rainy season, Saleena has to build a new house.

She requires all of our assistance.

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