Ramadan 2022: Iftar & Sahur for Everyone (Phase 2)

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Ramadan 2022: Iftar & Sahur  for Everyone (Phase 2)

Ramadan 2022: Iftar & Sahur for Everyone (Phase 2)

11885.57 RM Collected Of 11000.00 Goal

Ensany Iftar Meals Distribution 


Alhamdulillah, with your support and donations for this campaign, we have fed iftar meals to over 120 students and orphans from Akademi Tahfiz Al Hidayah (ATAH), Kuala Lumpur. It's truly amazing to see the difference your donations are making in this blessed month.

Iftar meals for 20 elderly from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Emas Al-Fattah, Selangor

Join us to reach even more needy people for Iftar and Sahur this Ramadan
Donate today to ensure those in need stay nourished and healthy in this blessed month.


Ramadan is known as “the month of caring and sharing.” Staying hungry and thirsty for hours during the day is a powerful reminder of the millions of less fortunate people in the world. 

Ramadan emphasizes the values of empathy and generosity. Sharing food, time, love, and respect with the poor and needy people during Ramadan more than any time of the year.

Last year, despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic, we were able to provide food packs during Ramadan for 1500 orphans in Malaysia, Palestine, Yemen, and Indonesia.

In Ramadan 2022, we aim to expand our network of care through a campaign called ‘Ramadan For Everyone’ to sponsor 5000 food packs for iftar and sahur which will be distributed to orphanages, nursing homes, and the less fortunate, especially the homeless and single mothers. 

Extend your blessings to others by giving back to society. No matter how small, a little goes a long way to helping those in need.

Ready to get started? Join thousands of others today.