Covering The Wells Of Poor Families To Avoid The Tragedy of Rayan

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Covering The Wells Of Poor Families To Avoid The Tragedy of Rayan

Covering The Wells Of Poor Families To Avoid The Tragedy of Rayan

30 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal

Rayan, a little boy from the hamlet of Agran in the Chefchaouen province of northern Morocco, fell down a deep well 32 meters deep. 

The Moroccan officials utilized sophisticated techniques to look for the youngster, including a camera implanted into the well, which displays what it sees on a nearby screen. The difficulty of the rescue attempt stems from the well's narrowness, as seen in the films, when a civil defense member barely made it in using a rope linked to a pulley.  The search for survivors did not end at the bottom of the well. Rescuers had worked day and night to extract the boy, first digging in the well itself and then — when they feared that its walls might collapse in on him — bulldozing a giant furrow from beside the well, then digging a horizontal tunnel across to reach him.
The operation remained delicate and dangerous until the very last moments as the workers tried gingerly to bring him out through the tunnel connecting the new shaft to the well without triggering a collapse.. 

Rayan pronounced dead after painstaking rescue mission

Footage on Thursday from a camera lowered into the well showed that the boy was alive and conscious, but there had been no update on his condition since then. Rescuers tried to get oxygen, food and water to the boy, but it was unclear whether he was able to use them. The mixture of rocky and sandy soils meant rescuers deemed opening the water well's narrow shaft to be too dangerous. Instead, bulldozers were used to cut a huge trench next to the well. On Saturday after tunneling toward the 5-year-old in a four-day operation that transfixed the country and anxious observers across the world, but the royal palace said in a statement that the boy had died.

Few lines about The Moroccan NGO,  Dar Al-Andalus

Dar Al- Andalus is a non-profit/charity Association located in Belgium its main focus is to provide aid and support to the most underprivileged, elderly people, widowed women, orphan and destitute families living in a poor neighborhood in North African countries including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania.

Dar Al- Andalus aims to help poor families to buy a protective cover for their wells to save their kids

Note: Rayan's family are not in dire need of any money just because their young child died. Other NGOs and non profit organization have raised enough money to help them.

Action to be taken: However, the village where the family of Rayan lives and which is of about 500 people is dotted with deep wells, many used for irrigating the cannabis crop that is the main source of income for many in the poor, remote and arid region of Morocco’s Rif mountains. Quite a number of the wells do not have protective covers. This is the real reason for Ryan's tragedy. Hence Dar Al- Andalus in its endeavor to help the most underprivileged and poor people aim to raise funds to support the poor families who do not have the means to buy protective covers for their wells.

Dar Al-Andalus previous charitable work in collaboration with Ensany Global


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