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Water well Appeal in Uganda

Water well Appeal in Uganda

265.83 RM Collected Of 265.00 Goal

BULAGO ISLAMIC FOUNDATION UGANDA under the umbrella of THE EAST AFRICAN MUSLIM RELIEF ORGANIZATION would like to repair 5 water boreholes at different mosques in Eastern Uganda as listed below through the help, partnership and support from ENSANY Supporters. 

There are Muslim brothers and sisters in the villages like buteebo, bududa landslide victims, refugees in Uganda and those in the semi arid climate in kalamonja northern Uganda whose conditions are very harsh and they need to travel long distance to get drinking water, hence with a grant support of $15000 US dollars, BIFU will be able to repair these water well facilities to enable the families drink clean near their places without in the Holy Month of Ramadhan 2022.

Imagine a Muslim fasting and struggling to get water to drink during Iftar. Insha'Allah with your help we can make it easy for these poor servants of Allah to have water facilities next to their places, May Allah bless all those who will support this project, Allahumamin.

Reparation of water wells

To repair water wells at different mosques in Eastern Uganda as listed below;

  • Namanyonye mosque water well
  • Butebo Mosque water well
  • IUIU primary school mosque water well
  • Nakaloke mosque water well
  • Gangama primary school water well

This project will enable the communities around these mosques to get clean water for Drinking and wudhu as they move long distances to get clean water due to lack of water at the mosques

Construction cost: 

The estimated cost of repairing the water borehole and the mosque will be approximately $5,000 US dollars insha'Allah.

The Ramadhan 2022 water well appeals, will approximately cost an estimated amount of $ 5,000 US dollars

  • 1st water well:      $1000
  • 2nd water well:     $1000
  • 3rd water well:     $1000
  • 4th water well:     $1000
  • 5th water well      $1000
  • Total:  ($5000)

BULAGO ISLAMIC FOUNDATION UGAMDA will fully be responsible and will monitor all the activities on site and we shall be ready to work under ENSANY HUMANITARIAN terms and conditions insha'Allah, may Allah make it easy and bless our work.

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