Waqf Al-Qu’ran for Palestinian Orphans in Lebanon

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Waqf Al-Qu’ran for Palestinian Orphans in Lebanon

Waqf Al-Qu’ran for Palestinian Orphans in Lebanon

10544.88 RM Collected Of 50000.00 Goal


The Prophet Muhammad said: “the best amongst you are the ones who learn Qur'an and teach it to others”.

The Palestinian orphan refugees staying in 12 Palestinian camps in Lebanon. Most orphans remained in challenging humanitarian, social, and educational conditions. Moreover, they are suffering from economic conditions. The poverty rate among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon exceeds 70%, and 175,000 Palestinians are under the poverty line.


Education is a right for every child and a safe learning environment. Palestinian refugee orphans in the camps of Lebanon are deprived of this basic right. The absence of Islamic and parental guidance and education would negatively affect any child or adolescent.

Therefore, for the right of education, we at IESCO and Ensany have initiated this campaign to sponsor the teaching of Qu'ran and Halaqas of Islamic knowledge for these Palestinian Orphans in refugee camps of Lebanon.

We aim to achieve the following objectives:

-Encourage the orphans to learn and memorize Holy Qu'ran.

-Teaching and developing Islamic codes of ethics and value to these orphans.

-Developing strong Islamic traits for these orphans will help them navigate through life and contribute to the Ummah and the society in which they live.

Your contribution will help in sponsoring teaching of Qu'ran and Islamic knowledge in the Halaqas, such as:

-Copies of the Qu'ran

-Teacher's allowance




Palestinian orphans in Lebanon camps, 7 years and older. This campaign target 60 orphans with 10 Halaqas for memorizing and Tajweed.



IESCO is planning to sponsor 60 Orphans with 10 Halaqas for 12 months. For each halaqa, RM1200. Therefore, the total financial target for this campaign is RM200,000, divided into 3 phases:

Finally, by donating to (Waqf Quran for Orphans), you will gain a great reward from Allah Almighty in two ways.

1. Ongoing charity (Waqf) through spending on teaching the Holy Qur’an to orphaned students.

2. Achieving benefits and rewards by sponsoring an orphan who has lost one of his parents. 

The Prophet Muhammad said: “I and the one who takes the responsibility of an orphan will be in Paradise thus, and he joined his middle finger and forefinger”.

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