Eid Clothing for the poor Palestinian children

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Eid Clothing for the poor Palestinian children

Eid Clothing for the poor Palestinian children

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Eid Clothing Al-Quds

Your $60 Will Be a Priceless Gift

Make this Eid ul Fitr a memorable one by donating $60 towards an Eid clothes for children!

Together we can ensure their future is more promising and hopeful. Your support and commitment to these children will change countless of lives.

Brighten up a child’s Eid and Donate to Ummet waqf for just $60

We are back and we need your help for another year. For the fourth year in a row, and in the spirit of Eid, we are collecting donations to provide clothing from around the globe and we need your help and donations to keep this initiative alive.

The Eid dress is an article that is more than just clothing -- it is a celebration. Since then, it sat, crisp and pressed, on the bedside, waiting for the morning as eagerly as we do. At Dawn, the dress adorns us at the Eid prayer and becomes part of a special memory that we will cherish forever. Indeed, there is no Eid without that one dress.

Relief Al Quds is a campaign designed to bring the joy of the Eid dress to those who cannot afford the luxury of the Eid dress.

We will set up a unique store, where the less fortunate can walk in, choose, mix, match, and try on, multiple articles of clothing before they find the perfect one. In addition, once they do, they get 100% off on the purchase -- after all, Eid is about the spirit of sharing.

Long Term Impact:

For these children, a rare new outfit means much more to them than just clothes - in essence, this small gesture makes them feel like worthy human beings. A new set of clothes can uplift the morale of children who are living at poverty levels and are accustomed to sacrificing even the basics such as a meal. These intangibles are what make us all human, putting a smile on someone's face and giving them him/her the respect and dignity they deserve.

Ready to get started? Join thousands of others today.