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Contribute to Support Orphans In Africa

Contribute to Support Orphans In Africa

1403.33 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal

Contribute to Support Orphans In Africa

Being an orphan at a young age is the most difficult problem a child can face in his childhood. Unfortunately, this is what many children suffer from in Uganda due to the death of their parents. These children face many problems such as lack of food, lack of shelter, exposure to community problems such as homelessness, drug abuse, sexual exploitation and illegal activities such as stealing to earn a living, child labor and other problems.

Al Bar Relief Foundation:

We are a registered Nonprofit NGO. We  stand together to support this young generation to achieve their goals of education, building shelter, providing food, clothes, books, sanitary pads and other basic needs for these children with what little we have.

The Issue: 

Due to poverty, lack of support and the presence of many orphan children into the Ugandan society, the Al-Bar Relief Foundation is asking compassionate and sympathetic hearts to donate any amount, even one dollar, to help us support these children and improve their conditions so that they can be life-makers in their country, Uganda.

The kind of help needed:

The association aims to purchase 50 food baskets containing primary food items, which are sufficient for a month, and distribute them during the month of Ramadan to feed the orphans.

May Allah bless you all for your support and thank you for your kind help.


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