Eid Food Packages For the Disabled in Uganda

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Eid Food Packages For the Disabled in Uganda

Eid Food Packages For the Disabled in Uganda

4396.16 RM Collected Of 4300.00 Goal

PROJECT TITLE; Eid Food Packages For The Disabled in Uganda

As the Holy Month of Ramadan will end in a few days, there are those poor and vulnerable families with not even a quarter of food to eat in their houses due to some physical and mental problems. These people are either blind, deaf, elderly, or disabled people.

Al- Baar Relief Organization, we stand together with these families to make sure they have something to eat during Eid Al Fitr, hence we call upon you to help donate any amount to enable us to provide food packages to these vulnerable groups of people.

A total of $2500 is needed to buy food support for over 320 families in Uganda The Food Basket contains Rice, Soap, Beans, Meat, Cooking Oil, Wheat Flour, and, Salt.

This project insha'Allah is expected to be carried out on the day of Eid Al Fitr or the last days of Ramadan to enable the targeted group to prepare for the day of Eid.

To embrace the acts and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the Holy Month of Ramadan to share the little we have with those who do not have.

We wish to provide food to over 320 families in Northern Uganda, this region has the highest percentage of needy and poor people in Uganda due to the harsh desert climate.

May Allah bless you and keep continue blessing you always with peace and happiness and all the success in your life of this Dunya and Hereafter.


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