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Feed the Hungry Orphans

Feed the Hungry Orphans

1335 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal


Education, sanitation, and welfare are the major challenges. Less than 35% of the young population is dying of hunger particularly the orphans. At the same time more than half of the population of the country is less than 18 years old.

GOAL Jinja Muslim Hands Organization has a very strong goal of improving the quality of life of the vulnerable children and orphans through provision of education and psychosocial support programs.



To transform the lives of distorted people especially the vulnerable children in Uganda for improved quality of life in their future.



The rationale for carrying out this study on children in abject poverty and severe hunger in Uganda is based on the problems resulting from the fact that children in poverty are invisible, yet they constitute a disproportionately large section of the (poor) population.


Children are subsumed within the most referred to poverty categories: households, communities and people; yet among these they always occupy a position of least power, influence and focus tends to concentrate on adult-related poverty. Children are vulnerable to shocks and adversities and, consequently, are hardest hit by poverty.



The purpose of this program is to reduce the suffering of the orphans and vulnerable children, build their capacity through giving them love, care, welfare and simple activities to do so that they become productive in the society in the near future.



1) To improve the quality of life of the orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with food and other basic needs of life.

2) To create awareness to the community and the outside world for the need to protect, promote, preserve, and support the vulnerable children and the orphans including their rights.


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