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Financial Support For IIUM Student To Graduate

Financial Support For IIUM Student To Graduate

3859.02 RM Collected Of 3859.00 Goal

The story:

This is the case of our brother, 31 years old, a graduate student from Islamic Banking and Finance (IBF) in IIUM. He is an international student coming from a low-income family and struggling for financial support to continue his master’s degree in IIUM. Due to Covid-19 and its unexpected circumstances, the money which had been saved by the students' family for the registration fees of his last 2 semesters was spent on family matters.


“I am worried about the tuition fees because if I don't pay, I won't be able to get my certificate," said the student.

The help needed:

That is why I applied for Ensany Global Crowdfunding,” The student, does not receive any other sources of funding and has no other way to support his study. This challenge has the potential to become a distraction and worry for our brother as he is currently having no means to cover tuition fee expenses, he barely has little to pay for Hostel transportation fees, and food. Thus, for the time being, he needs to pay an outstanding of (RM 7,775)


Supporting documents will be provided:

"Financial statement and certification letter will be provided upon request".

Let us help him go through this difficulty to get his master's certificate and apply for a job to establish his future and help his family.


Your donation will go to ensure that our brother can secure tuition fees and make the most of his studies. Please donate generously and may Allah reward you for your support.


May Allah bless you all endlessly and double your contributions in this life and in the hereafter.

Financial statement for your kind reference

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