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Build bore holes for clean water

Build bore holes for clean water

5326.5 RM Collected Of 13280.00 Goal


In Uganda, we have a number of needy people who cannot afford to buy clean water due to a lack of money to buy clean water. The percentage of people has increased and many are poor who cannot help themselves and struggle to get clean water which leaves them drinking dirty water. As a result, this has affected poor and needy Ugandan families and their children with lots of diseases which have increased the death rates due to bacteria and several diseases in dirty water.

According to research, we have found out that most of our Ugandan people are being oppressed in one way or the other whereby there is difficulty in sustaining themselves with clean water as mentioned above. Therefore, the Needy Elders Sironko Association has come up with a proposal to curb the arising problems of bacteria and diseases from dirty water among the needy people in Buyobo Sub County.



We as Needy Elders Sironko Association came up with this Non-profit organization to help them get the basic needs as mentioned above. We are working to help 1000 poor families and needy people live a better life and save them from deadly diseases from dirty water.

The association will be entitled to look after needy families by engaging them in the listed activities, as follows;


Engage in that will include

1. Water well projects

2. Food relief

3. Emergency response

4. Qurban

5. Masjid (Mosque) construction

6. Iftar feeding

7. Zakat

8. Education

9. Agriculture

10. Livelihood

11. Women empowerment



“To Select Elders in transformed in the Buyobo Sub County with sustainable development in terms of Social, Economic and Financial outcomes”.



“To eradicate social, economic and financial problems affecting elders in Buyobo Sub County”.



This project will be carried out in collaboration with the rules and Regulations from Supporters / Funders and the Needs of the Elders. The Needy Elders are staying in Sironko district in Eastern Uganda.



• To unite all needy families in the Buyobo Sub County.

• To encourage a saving culture among needy families.

• To members to initiate and adopt affordable income-generating activities.

• Enhance on funding based, geared to accomplishing Needy Elders Sironko Association Aspirations.

• To promote positive attitudes towards development amongst members.

• To support members, and develop professionally through upgrading to higher financial levels.

• To encourage members, and promote good hygiene and sanitation.

• To encourage vulnerable members such as Orphans, widows, and girl children to live positively.



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