Eid joy for Syrian orphans in the camps

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Eid joy for Syrian orphans in the camps

Eid joy for Syrian orphans in the camps

200 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal

Eid joy campaign

Every orphan or poor child is eagerly awaiting and waiting for the coming of Eid, and dreams of beautiful and new clothes that he adorns and rejoices in. Children's happiness on Eid days is not complete until they put on new Eid clothes.


Siraj Al Aqsa team always seeks, through its campaigns, to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of poor and needy families, especially to children, because one of the best righteous deeds is to bring happiness to people's hearts, to clothe them and meet their needs. And on the authority of Abu Saeed Al-Khudri, on the authority of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, he said: “Whichever Muslim wears a garment on his nakedness, God will cover him with the greens of Paradise.”


And for the feast to be distinguished by joy and happiness, and it is a manifestation of joy and adornment, the Siraj Al Aqsa volunteer team launched a campaign dedicated to this aspect, to help needy families who cannot afford to buy Eid clothes.


At a time when the displaced Syrians suffer from all kinds of deprivations in the areas of displacement and squatter camps, in conjunction with the worsening conditions, the rise in prices and the spread of the crisis of poverty and unemployment. Here, the importance of the Eid clothing lies in helping the poor and needy appear in a decent appearance commensurate with the joy of Eid, and we do not force them to humiliate the question during the times of the holidays.


Project area: North Syrian camps

Target group: orphans and children of the poorest families


Expected results of the project/outputs

150 children from displaced families get Eid clothes

Reducing the financial pressure placed on the parents


The cost of the project

One child's clothing: $30

The total cost of the project: 4500$


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