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Fund Sustainable Dawah Transportation and Income Project

Fund Sustainable Dawah Transportation and Income Project

5417.49 RM Collected Of 25000.00 Goal

Al-Hidayah Centre in Papua New Guinea Inc, it’s an Islamic NGO registered under the Government state of Papua New Guinea. Its vision is to be a charitable and religious organization that delivers welfare services all throughout Papua New Guinea to clear misconceptions of Islam and convey the true message of the Islamic faith.

Papua New Guinea is a Christian-dominated country guided by the principle of democracy and Islam is very new with 0.004% of the country's total population density. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to spread Islam to every part of Papua New Guinea with (Ikhlas) sincerity, (Ihsan) excellence, (Rahma) compassion, (Adl) social justice, and (Amana) trust.

By the grace of Allah SWT Al-Hidayah Center Papua New Guinea Inc and Al-Madina Academy Inc, Australia with generous donors we have achieved the completion of three Masjid, Masjid Abu Bak As-Siddeeq Munuma, Masjid Uthman bin Affan Yobai, and Masjid Umar Al-Farooq Karilmaril.


Al-Hidayah Centre Papua New Guinea Inc has already established the program such as:

- Street dawah to non-Muslims

- Revert training program

- Education support

- Iftar

- Qurban

- Local Imam Development and Empowerment

- Quran class

- Publication of Islamic literature


With all the programs and activities, we desperately need a sustainable development project to finance Al-Hidayah Centre PNG Inc to enlighten stability and continue of Propagation of the Islamic faith in a Christian environment. We affirm that with the sustainable project to buy a Truck costly RM 177000 K150,000, USD $ 40,000 it will boost our activities and administration runs. 

The truck can generate a monthly income of K14400, USD $4035 which will help support us to motivate and empower the Muslim community of Papua New Guinea to convey the true teachings of Islam.




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