Overcoming Obstacles to her College Education

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Overcoming Obstacles to her College Education

Overcoming Obstacles to her College Education

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Ayat Hashem, an 18-year-old student from Gaza.

Ayat worked hard throughout the last academic year and resisted the complex financial and psychological conditions, due to her father being wounded who was the primary earner in the house and the backbone & bedrock of the family. Her brother was a war martyr, but despite all the difficulties she faced, she was able to achieve her dream and get fourth place in her school and eighth place at the level of the directorate.  She has maintained principal honor roll status throughout her high school journey and graduated with 96.1. Her concerned about her family's inability to provide the necessary university fees, so her psychological state is almost destroyed because of what is around her. Transportation, home expenses, and university tuition costs for 4 years. 

We ask you to help Ayat to start her university life because she really deserves it because she has resisted many difficult circumstances, but she cannot fight poverty and the inability of her family to pay her university fees. All proceeds from this campaign will go to cover her university expenses. With your support, she feels she has much better head space to achieve her dream goals because she has the support she once lacked.

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