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Back to School Campaign

Back to School Campaign

100 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal

Purpose of Campaign:

Our campaign aims to prevent children in need from interrupting their education, to help them receive an education on equal terms with other students in school, and to offer children and young people a better future.

Ensany continues to work with the vision that the most important investment in the future is the investment in generations, and is preparing to take steps in this direction in Turkey as well. With

your support, we will bring smiles to needy children by giving them their back-to-school gifts…

It is aimed to give 1000 bags as a gift.

What is stationery aid?

This is a grant that allows children in need to be used for their education and training, and allows children to receive education and training on an equal opportunity basis with other students.

Thanks for your support, inequality among students is eliminated to a certain extent and a more favorable environment for education is created.

Financial Work:

Cost for one person: 12 Dollars

Materials to be gifted kids:



School Bag


Red Pencil


Colored Pencils


Notebook A5

Notebook A4

Paint Notebook

Pencil Case


With your support, we will give kids stationery and school bags as back-to-school gifts J

Your help with school bags, school supplies and other stationery will turn into happiness and sweet smiles on needy children's faces.


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