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Hear Me campaign to help the child

Hear Me campaign to help the child

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Be one of the donors to perform a cochlear implant for the child Abdul Rahman 

Cochlear implantation is a surgical procedure in which an electronic device is implanted into the inner ear to aid hearing. The device is divided into two parts: the first is internal, called the cochlear implant, and the second is external, called the programmer or speech processor, where the first part is implanted during the operation, while the second part is installed four weeks after the operation.

The child Abdul Rahman, who is one year and three months old, who suffers from a profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. The hearing threshold is estimated at 100 decibels in each ear. The well-known rule for the best age in cochlear implantation is that the earlier the intervention, the better the results and vice versa. For us, we prefer that The cochlear implant operation is performed before the age of five, and now more than one type of cochlear implant is available around the world suitable for all ages and cases, and the cochlear implant operation carries the least level of potential complications for the patient, Abd al-Rahman Haj Musa, including the risks of infections, bleeding or lack of Balance, dizziness, or problems with the sense of taste at the tips of the tongue, and in rare cases, weakness in the facial nerves may occur. After the cochlear implant operation, the patient Abdul Rahman improves very significantly and noticeably, as this process allows him to enter the world full of sounds and conversations, the implantation is successful by all accounts, well.


A cochlear implant can help him to:

1- He has moderate or severe hearing loss in both ears.

2- He benefits little or no from the available hearing aids.

3- He gets 50% or less in the sentences comprehension tests that the audiologist conducts for him in the ear in which the transplant is intended.


The main objective of the campaign:

Urging the whole community to financially and morally support the child Abdul Rahman and the children and to invest in them to be productive individuals, especially since if they are not treated early, they will become completely blind and unable to communicate and integrate with society.

The results are more diverse and more difficult to measure, but it has been noted that when the implant is performed before the age of three, children achieve results of improvement in speech that are close to age.


Financial budget:

The number of beneficiaries is one child

Number of snails, one snail per ear

The cost of a single snail implant (cochlear implant)

70,000 thousand Turkish liras

The total number of snails is 2.

Where 2 x 70000 = 140,000 TRY


There is no small amount. Every amount you pay today is a way to save the child Abdul Rahman, whose family does not own anything under the severe cold weather in the camps of northern Syria.

Ready to get started? Join thousands of others today.