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Emergency, Help For Indonesia Earthquake Refugees

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An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 on land rocked Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia

Send help immediately.

The death toll from the Cianjur Earthquake continued to increase, from Monday (21/11/2022) to Monday (28-11-2022) it was recorded that 323 people died, 703 people were injured and more than 100.330 residents were displaced and evacuated. Let’s Help the affected residents immediately to survive!

Residents who were resting were shocked by an earthquake measuring (M) 5.6 that rocked direct in land the southwestern region of Cianjur Regency, West Java. This incident occurred on Monday (21/11/2022) at 13.21 WIB. According to the BMKG, the epicenter of the earthquake was at coordinates 6.84 South Latitude and 107.05 East Longitude, about 10 kilometers southwest of Cianjur Regency, at a depth of only 10 km in land. Instantly, residents rushed out of their homes and left a horrific sight after the earthquake occurred.

Until now, many of the earthquake victims were rushed to the Sayang Cianjur Regional General Hospital (RSUD), even in the hospital parking lot, all was filled with victims who needed medical assistance.

Apart from housing buildings, Pusdalops BNPB received reports of heavily damaged Islamic boarding schools, the Cianjur Hospital with moderate damage and damage to other public facilities, including government buildings, education facilities including religious facility.

Many houses were destroyed and at risk of collapsing, causing residents to create emergency posts with makeshift materials, because until now there have been aftershocks. The urgent needs for now are ready-to-eat food, drinking water, evacuation tents, lighting equipment, medicines, baby food, diapers and hygiene kits.

Our solidarity was tested again at the end of this year. Our brothers and sisters in Cianjur expect a helping hand from benefactors.

Don't forget, let's send the best prayers together for the brothers and sisters in Cianjur. May you always be given the strength to face this tragedy.

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