The unknown fate of seventy families in the coastal camps, west of Idlib

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  • The unknown fate of seventy families in the coastal camps, west of Idlib

Dozens of residents of the coastal camps west of Idlib on the Syrian border with Turkey face an unknown future after the owner of the land on which they reside in their camp asked them to vacate it within a specified period of time, with the aim of selling it.

The land has been inhabited by approximately 70 families since their displacement from the countryside of Lattakia after the Russian intervention at the end of 2015, which led to the fall of their villages under the control of Assad’s militias

(Abu Mustafa), one of the camp residents, said: “We fled to the Syrian border with Turkey after the regime’s militias, which were supported by the Russian army at the end of 2015, took control of the western Jisr countryside in search of temporary safety and stability, as the lands here were uncultivated, and we had to To set up our camps there until the relief comes from God.”

(Abu Mustafa) added: “Around 70 families live here, or about 120 tents, with an average of two tents for each family. We were surprised some time ago that the owner of the land told us to vacate it because he wanted to sell it, as he prevented the displaced from building rooms on it.

The dwelling of one family in the camps consists of 2-3 tents according to the number of people living, as each tent has a function such as the beneficiaries, the kitchen, the sleeping places…etc.

The tent owners pay monthly rent to the landowner:

Abu Sateef pointed out: “Every month we pay the rent for setting up tents to the owner of the land, as the rent for one tent is 2000 Syrian pounds before the start of trading in the Turkish currency, and after that one becomes 10 Turkish liras. “

Most of the residents of the coastal camps scattered on the Syrian border with Turkey suffer from the suffering of paying the rent of the tents in which they live to the owners of the land there, as the rent for one tent accommodation is 10 Turkish liras, which is equivalent to approximately $1.

(Mohammed Al-Ahmad), the camp official, told us, “After the decision that shocked the camp residents, it was said that the camp will be moved to another area, but at the residents’ expense, which will increase the suffering in building and re-equipping these camps in light of the high prices of construction materials; Because the tents without equipment will not be able to withstand the storms and rain in the winter. “

The camps of Lattakia countryside are spread on the Syrian-Turkish border at the Khirbet Al-Jouz area on many winding mountain ranges. This area is known for its cold climate in winter, abundant rain and hot weather in summer.

These camps suffer from a lack of interest from some organizations due to their large number, which requires the presence of more than one organization or institution in order to support them.

The coastal camps in the western countryside of Jisr al-Shughur are inhabited by tens of thousands of displaced people amid conditions and suffering throughout the year from cold, diseases, lack of water, and facing rain and storms with a few meters of fabric, in addition to the randomness of most of the camps that were established nearly six years ago after a battle initiated by the militias of the regime and the occupier The Russian Federation, and it lasted for several months between the factions and the regime’s militias in late 2015 and resulted in the fall of the entire Lattakia countryside