Education in the Pulse of Humanity project.. to provide better education for children

The education project in the Pulse of Humanity organization aims to return the children who had dropped out to school, after some of them were forced to work as a result of the loss of the breadwinner and the difficult living conditions, to make up for what they lost by dropping out of education, and to enroll in formal education and compensate for what they missed.

Where the Pulse organization provides books, stationery, and a range of psychological support activities for children within the protection program, with the aim of alleviating their suffering, integrating them into society, and motivating them to study and engage in useful activities with their friends.

The sessions also include caregivers to achieve faster progress, provide them with good practices and stay in touch with them to ensure interaction and evaluate results through feedback that takes place after periodic visits to parents.

The education sector in the Nabd organization is working on the return of children who have dropped out, giving priority to the most disadvantaged population groups. According to United Nations statistics, 6.5 million children inside Syria need assistance, 3 million or more of them are out of school, which is the highest number recorded in 11 years. While around 5.8 million Syrian children in countries neighboring Syria depend on assistance.