Distribution of sponsorships for orphans for the months of June - July - August 2022

Palestine Tomorrow for Social Development “distributes sponsorships for orphans, with the support of the people of goodness and charity

Palestine Tomorrow distributed sponsorships for orphans in the Gaza Strip for the months of June, July and August, with the generous support of the people of goodness and charity, as the number of beneficiaries of the sponsorship reached 700 orphans.

The project of distributing sponsorships for orphans came within a series of relief programs implemented by the association in partnership with philanthropists and benefactors, due to the importance of helping this marginalized group as a result of the increasing number of orphaned children, and that the association will continue to distribute cash assistance to orphans, in addition to that it is currently working to intensify its activities that support This category is from the patient Palestinian people.

Finally, the Palestine Tomorrow Association for Community Development extends its thanks and gratitude to the benefactors for their continuous efforts in helping the people of the Gaza Strip.