who are we

   We are a developmental , non-profit ,charitable society which was established in 1996 and was officially registered in the year 2004 . It is concerned with the farmers of the northwest Jerusalem area , particularly the marginalized groups. In order  to elevate their standard of living and buttress their steadfastness on their land . It is also concerned with the youth sector so as to contribute in engaging them as an effective part of the Palestinian society . Further, One of the society’s priorities is its concern with rural women for the purpose of defending their rights, and to enable them to participate effectively in society .

    The society is run by an administrative council consisting of nine members . which includes no less than two females as members .

   The make-up of the administrative council is selected through democratic elections every two years.

Vision of the society

  To have northwest Jerusalem area free , green, and governed by social justice.

The message

   Al-Nahdah Rural Society aims to contribute to raising the standard of living in the northwest region of Jerusalem through providing productive projects ,improvement of their land , and providing guidance through training and workshops.

The basic values of the society

  Human justice is one of our fundamental values as it relates to distributing resources according to need. For its continuance, the society adopts a developmental program based on real sharing within an organized framework which employs local resources to meet the need of the targeted groups of the community.


  Integrity is a basic and pivotal value for the society which is embodied in administering its financial resources that is regarded as public funds and must be exceptionally protected.

Transparency – the society abides by the right of all members of the general assembly and anyone related to our work in obtaining information relevant to activities , procedures, decisions , and policies of the society . We view this as a sacred right and a means to guarantee the obtaining of information in a way that allows serious questioning of the administration by the general assembly and all other related parties.

Strategic directions

1-      Enabling the farmers and raising their standards of living . and supporting their stead -fastness on this land.

2-      Enabling the youth both males and females without discrimination.

3-      Sponsoring initiatives and creativity and assisting in their implementation.

4-      Development of the local community through instilling the concept of basic development.

5-      Adopting the farmers’ cases and defending them in all arenas according to our abilities and in engendering and gathering support for them.


Goals of the society

1-      Contributing to the raising of the standard of living for the area of northwest Jerusalem.

2-      Contributing to the steadfastness of the Palestinian farmer on this land .

3-      Contributing to the protection of the land and from the danger of colonization.

4-      Contributing to the enabling of the rural woman and increasing her role in the rural community.

5-      Contributing to the elevation of those in animal husbandry.

6-      Adopting youth issues in the area and facilitating their engagement in the service of the community .

7-      Contributing to ensuring food security in the area .

8-      Contributing to the safeguarding of a clean environment in the area .


A glimpse of the regien

  The region consists of 16 villages which overlook Jerusalem from the northwest and is populated by approximately 60000 people , most of them are farmers.

Beside farming, some engage in construction and other family projects. Some are refugees who  were forcibly expelled in 1948 from the villages of silbeet, Al-boira . al-kaneesh , and beit shenna , formenly from the lod and Ramala districts.

   Due to the economic hardships and Israeli draconian measures such as check- points, confiscation of land , and the racist separation wall to isolate the area – a group of activists from the area recognized the necessity of establishing a developmental society to serve the 16 villages of the area . and they are : BIDO . AL-QUBAIBA , BEIT INAN , QATANA , UM AL-LAHEM , BEIT SURIEK , BEIT IJZA , BEIT DUQU , AL-NABI SUMWAIL , BEIT IKSA, BEIT HANINA , AL-JEEB , AL- JADEERA , BIR NABALA .Q          ALANDIA . and RAFAT .



Projects accomplished in the past two years


1-      Distribution of fruitful trees : olive , almonds , etc . of about 20000 saplings yearly .

2-      Project of agricultural wells , which reached to 40 wells during last two years .

3-      Project of home gardens which numbered 30 house- wells and gardens.

4-      Project of winter saplings which numbered 20000 .

5-      Project of enabling woman which benefited 20 woman .

6-      The feed Project which benefited 30 farmers of sheep and goats .

7-      Workshops to train the farmers .

8-      In the youth domain , providing workshops to enable the youth and forming a committee for volunteer work .

9-      Restoration of 20 hectares of agricultural land .

10-  Adopting some of the cases related to the land and providing lawyers for them .

Training of about 120 women to be qualified in food industry .and handmade p