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2021-10-10 01:45:19


Electronic guide (in the form of a pop-up window - disappears when you move the mouse)

Technical requirement


Target (amount)

  • If the target is large, divide it into stages, then increase it gradually.

  • Usually successful campaigns have goals of 100 thousand riyals

  • If you collected an amount for the endowment (Waqf) previously, mention it because it encourages the donor

The campaign owner can increase the goal or start the second phase

All modifications from the campaign owner will not appear unless approved by the administrator.

The admin should get an alert when there is new modifications

Campaign title

Is the first attraction factor, try to follow these guidelines: 

  • Be clear, Keep it short, simple and to the point

  • Motivate the visitor (Browser) to read instantly

  • Address the reader personally, not in the plural

Campaign content

Make sure the campaign content is 500-800 words. It's the introduction that can grab the reader’s interest to complete the reading or stop.

Try to answer all of the reader's expected questions. 

  • What is the current situation?

  • If the endowment (Waqf) began previously, mention the stage you are in.

  • What is hoped after establishing the endowment?

  • How many beneficiaries?

  • Reason for the needed support?

  • What will needy people benefit from each contribution?

  • Show in detail how the money will be spent?

  • Divide contributions into small and large (such as 100 square feet, 900 square meters).

  • Briefly, list the most prominent past activities, beneficiaries and recommendations.

  • Ask the reader one or two things, such as (Let the generations of the Qur’an write in your balance) / (Be the mediator of Allah’s mercy for orphans) / (Allah has opened for you a door of goodness whose reward lasts, so do not close it without a contribution).

In your wording technique, make sure that:

  • Connect the reader to your endowment (Waqf) by focusing on talking emotionally sometimes and state rational numbers at other times.

  • Helping the donor visualize the difference their donation will make.

  • Note: Many large donors are affected by the amount of community benefit that the endowment will provide.


Make the picture shorten a lot of words

  • High resolution

  • Must not be cut off

  • The picture must be taken from the anticipated project

  • Has to be understood by the viewers and suit all ages

  • Should not contain too many words. 

Video (optional)

Campaigns with a video has strong potential to raise higher donation amount

  • Explain the purpose of the endowment (Waqf).

  • Show the viewer how their donation will contribute to serving the beneficiaries.

  • Make an explicit invitation to donate in a motivating style.

  • Make sure that the presenter of the video is a person with influence in the society and that there is a filming of the location or plan of the endowment.

  • The duration of the video is 30-60 seconds

Remaining amounts to complete the goal or stage

The campaign bar status shows the amounts raised and remaining

The campaign initiator can add offline donations 

The campaign is not required to start from scratch

Upload a document that proves this through the association’s control panel

Suggestions to provide the possibility 

• Arrange between sentences and images 

• Add more than one or more photos of a video

• The steps of uploading the campaign are divided into two steps 

• Save and complete later 

• The campaign’s creator can upload updates to the product (writing and uploading photos and videos)


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