Our Journey

2020-08-14 15:51:24

From an Idea to Reality

2017: Few years back, I was working in an international Charity foundation as a fundraising and business development manager. One of the main issues I recognized, is that people are hindered from giving donations because most of charity organizations are depending on big amount donations, hence, only rich people are able to contribute. In my point of view, micro donations should be encouraged which was not possible through the traditional system adopted while collecting funds. In addition, I thought that there was a dire need to create a new environment giving the chance to medium class people to contribute. Alhamdulillah, the platform was launched in the same year, and with its unique features, we managed to successfully raise funds for few campaigns even though the traction was small during that period of time. 

2018: In this year, Ensany focused more on the platform improvement and enhancement. Most of the time was dedicated for research and development to provide a platform that ensures a seamless user experience, enabling donors of course to contribute as low as five ringgits.

2019: This year was full of achievements, Ensany received different awards from various international and local organizations such as the scientific competition certificate awarded to Ensany by the Local CSR organization which is a member of the United Nation program. Ensany has successfully closed more than 120 causes during this year to assist the underprivileged communities and people in difficult situations.


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