Help Us Continue and Improve Education for Refugees in Indonesia

Help Us Continue and Improve Education for Refugees in Indonesia

Help Us Continue and Improve Education for Refugees in Indonesia

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Our Story:

Education4all emerged during the pandemic in June 2020 by refugees for refugees is based in Indonesia in response to the surging need for education programs in the refugee community, though there are 12 refugee learning centers only in Jakarta and Bogor there was a scope of refugees in other cities that have never been joined to any learning program. Therefore our program is not only dedicated to those who live outside of Jakarta and Bogor but also those who couldn’t find a place in learning centers and who can’t afford transportation to join these centers. Today the program taught 5 terms with a maximum capacity of around 70 refugee students a term from Yamen, Iraq, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo & Afghanistan. Covering 4 major cities Jakarta, Bogor, Malang and Depok.


Our vision is to support the refugees in their basic right to education as well as equip them with basic competence and knowledge to make their life easier in a third country.

Our Goal:

1) To cover new cities and reach more refugees.

2) Expand our capacity

Our programs:

1) Educational Program:

Our program is made up of volunteers trying to make a change in refugees’ lives. The 4all staff consists of dynamic refugees and expatriate volunteers from all over the world. Our volunteering program is 100% virtual with a simple and flexible approach to helping refugees at your own pace. The program support three main levels primary level, middle level, and secondary level. We Focus on building the basic knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking skills in English, Arabic, and Math for primary and middle levels.

At the secondary level, we are implementing the GED (General Education Development) curriculum which is equivalent to U.S high school standards to enable our students to earn an accredited certificate widely accepted as an alternative to a high school diploma.

We are using basic platforms such as WhatsApp for communication, Zoom for live sessions, and Google classroom helps facilitate online learning.

2) Quran Program (IQRA):

Iqra is a program that intends to assist adults, teenagers, and children in memorizing the Quran while learning basic Tajweed rules and understanding the Qur'an's meanings and teachings with the goal of strengthening their religious identity and advancing their spiritual growth. Today we have 6 Quran circles and hoping we can expand next year.

3) Workshop/Training:

Conducting a workshop or training is important to develop our young refugees' skills in communication, writing, leadership, time management, mental healthcare, and much more.

Why do we need help?

To keep the program running, we need to sustain the program in two main regards:

1) Syllabus as till today we have been relying on the different syllabus that was not helping in elevating and suiting our students’ needs as teaching refugees from backgrounds, ages, and levels is challenging. Therefore we need a set curriculum to help us implement measurable plans and structures for delivering quality education and sustaining our education program for years.

Note: Please note that the Syllabus support is best to be received as ready-bought E-books.

2) We need to increase refugee volunteers as currently and give them, the program has 5 refugee volunteers. As most of our volunteers are overseas the program is suffering off inconsistent volunteers due to personal life commitment or time zone issues. Therefore we want to increase the number of refugee volunteers not only where there is a high probability of commitment but to support skilled refugees to give to the refugee community. The challenge here is allowance support as refugees here aren’t allowed to work and live with a limited budget. The least we can do to the refugee teacher is to support with internet

installation, equipment, and personal need fulfillment.

Our legal status: Even though refugees are restricted by many regulations, fortunately, we have freedom of association to open centers. However, it needs to be donation-based where the whole staff needs to be volunteers. NOTE: Please note that we are receiving donations through our Indonesian supporters due to legal restrictions.

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