Basic needs for PPR Community (Diapers for Bedridden Senior Citizens)

Basic needs for PPR Community (Diapers for Bedridden Senior Citizens)

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Basic needs for PPR Community (Diapers for Bedridden Senior Citizens)

After some activities that Ensany Humanitarian did with PPR residents around Kuala Lumpur, we found that among the essential items that most PPR residents needed are disposable diapers for bedridden elderlies. This is because most of the residents in PPR consist of senior citizens who are bedridden and need diapers for daily use.

Most of their caregivers are also from the B40 group who sometimes cannot afford to buy adult diapers because they are needed in large quantities.

Therefore, Ensany Humanitarian intends to channel diapers aid to 4 selected PPR residents' associations around Kuala Lumpur. These adult diapers stock assistance is for the storage of the resident’s association and they will provide it to the residents who need it in times of emergency.

Insha’Allah through this initiative their access to this necessary item will be easier for them, where if they run out of stock of adult diapers in their home and cannot afford to buy them, they can get them from their PPR residents association instead.

Therefore, we intend to distribute 100 packs of adult diapers (50 L & 50 XL) for storage to each PPR residents' association selected for phase 1 around Kuala Lumpur.

The estimated cost required is:

Adult diapers: RM 20 x 100/ PPR x 4 PPR

Total: RM 8000

Together Insha’Allah hand in hand we will ease the burdens of the PPR residents who are in need. Thank you for your support and consideration in committing with us to creating a better life for PPR community residents. 

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    demi Allah

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    My late father

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