Aid us In Renovation of Madrasah Al-Muqwa (Phase 1)

Aid us In Renovation of Madrasah Al-Muqwa (Phase 1)

100 days

Madrasah Al Muqwa is a non-profit religious study center based in Rantau Panjang, Klang, Selangor. This madrasah has been established 11 years ago by introducing the concept of studies with elements of charity, da'wah, and tarbiyah. Most of the students here are from poor families and orphans.

Due to the limited space in the madrasah, the option is to renovate the food stall that is currently operated by the madrasah to be used as a canteen for students. Currently, the food stall only uses rotted and leaked canvas as a roof. 


Madrasah Al-Muqwa needs financial assistance in renovating the canteen section and the amount needed for all the renovation processes is RM118,400.00

Calculation/Estimate of material requirements:




Build iron poles and iron roof frame and install a roof from zinc ‘metal deck’ material for the canteen and parking area of ​​Madrasah female students (Banat)


Pave the floor with cement and install a mosaic over the entire floor surface


Raise a 400 -square -foot concrete wall with a height of 9 feet


Build a concrete ‘table top’


Installing ‘roller - shutter doors


Install a ‘three phase’ electrical supply system


Installation of electrical wiring systems, installation of lights, fans


Provision of water supply, drainage, and filtration


Provision of insect repellent. Oil traps and food waste


Provision of table benches

Aid us in raising funds for the renovation of Madrasah Al-Muqwa! 

Your contribution to some extent can help and provide comfort to all students here.


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