Emergency Aid for Bangladesh Flood Victim

Emergency Aid for Bangladesh Flood Victim

21 days

"We really need your help! I have fallen, yet I have fallen on the stairs again." That's the proverb that fits the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. 


Since 16th June, heavy rains have poured down on Bangladesh and India. At least until now, there are 59 people died due to lightning strikes and there are millions of people stranded and homeless. This flood is the worst flood since 2004.


Forecasters said that the potential for flooding still exists to this day with torrential rains pummelling the countries (Bangladesh and India) with no end in sight. It’s because Bangladesh has about 130 rivers all of which were rising perilously close to their embankments


But, can you imagine, that Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, without the disaster coming, have been suffering — no food, no shelter, jobless, their businesses forced to closed, and walking from one country to another country with no destination.


In the current situation, the communication in the regions of the Sylhet division is completely turned off, the telephone and internet network have become ineffective, and electricity is forced to be disconnected to avoid an accident. It’s because the whole village, around 2 million houses are underwater and stranded. There are around 2 million houses underwater, and things are drowning.   


With these conditions, they can do nothing. Rohingya refugees’ lives are in danger. Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) has stated: “Fulfilling a need of a Mu’min brother is better than liberating a thousand slaves and giving a thousand horses (for jihad) in the path of God.”

Don’t worry, since 2005 we have helped countries with emergency responses and post-disaster recovery. Please DONATE NOW and help make a difference in the suffering of these desperate families. Because they just rely on giving from generous people, like you. 

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