Emergency Appeal for a 70 years old mother (Spine Surgery)

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Emergency Appeal for a 70 years old mother (Spine Surgery)

Emergency Appeal for a 70 years old mother (Spine Surgery)

411.67 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal

Our sincere greetings to all people of good hearts

The Patient’s Illness:

Jalilah Hamid Aklan, 70 years old, has been experiencing severe lower back pain since 2018. She sought treatment at her local dispensaries, but they treated her without diagnosing her, so her condition didn’t improve. The patient then visited a local hospital, where they did an MRI of her spine. The Magnetic resonance imaging test report revealed that she has a spinal problem and requires urgent surgery of the spine. 

In the past years, the patient who is a mother has been experiencing exacerbated symptoms. Her back pain has started radiating to the left leg, she has difficulty in sitting and standing, and she cannot perform routine tasks anymore. Doctors advised them to undergo their mother's surgery in Egypt; where there is a high chance of success. However, after consultation with doctors and local dispensaries, they were informed that they need to travel to Egypt where there is developed medical equipment to treat the mother, but it will be at a very high cost, which is not affordable for them. 

Financial Situation of the Patient's mother:

They are a poor family with limited income, barely working from hand to mouth and they live in a small house and their father has passed away years ago. As that been said, their situation does not allow them to cover the traveling expenses and its related accommodation and administration expenses to treat their mother at a private hospital in Egypt.


Hence, we appeal to your kindness to support their mother by donating to her urgent surgery cost. Kindly donate to save her and help them go through this difficulty. We pray Allah to reward you abundantly and grant you the very best of both worlds.

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