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Qurban for Orphans

Qurban for Orphans

20 RM Collected Of 5000.00 Goal

AlMUHSIN FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization endeavored to provide relief to all, families, communities and those in need.

Almuhsin in Arabic refers to a dedicated individual who is willing to help others with perfection and excellence. Our main objective comes from the religious teachings with the intention to achieve Allah’s compassion as mentioned in the holy Qur’an. “Indeed Allah loved those who give charity” We determine to provide our services and assistance towards people via a range of services and programs, including the support of orphans.

General orphan care under Almuhsin foundation involves feeding, Qurban, shelter, clothing and other needs, the project strives to assist widows, orphanage expenses, food, shelter, essential clothing, medical supplies and access to education, the cost for one orphan is $100 per Month.

Our Beneficiaries 

Our main beneficiaries are Orphans, widowers, extreme needy and homeless individuals 

Aim of our Qurban project 

Many of the Orphans and widows are spending Eid in an extreme poverty. Our aim is to make sure that the Orphans and widowers and the needy around Bauchi municipality have also enjoyed Eid al-Adha happily together with other Muslims around them. A small piece of your Ibadah Qurban can bring happiness and joy to the faces of these Orphans and widowers. May Allah accept your Ibadah. Amin.   

Target Cost: 

The foundation aims to buy 20 cows that will be distributed for the sake of Orphans.



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