"Every Kid Deserves a Chance For a Better Life"

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"Every Kid Deserves a Chance For a Better Life"

"Every Kid Deserves a Chance For a Better Life"

20 RM Collected Of 6533.00 Goal

Abdullah Muhammad is only 4 years old and has his whole life ahead of him, but now he is in a fight for his life.

This little boy has been suffering from frequent convulsions for months, preventing him to have a normal day, just like any other child, or to be able to have peaceful night sleep. He suffers from stiffness in the limbs that makes it harder from him to move, this is due to damage to the front part of the brain.

He regularly goes through vasovagal attacks “fainting spells” and convulsions. His life is at risk in every single day and he needs treatment urgently. We extend Abdullah’s please for help in treating him and request your help to make it happen.

Some of the treatments are muscle relaxants and physiotherapy sessions. Abdullah’s family have been trying to save, but they nearly make it every month, so trying to save has been nearly impossible. They have had a rough couple of month, and Abdullah’s health condition is not stable and don't seem to be improving over the months. The family is shattered by their son’s health condition and just need to be able to help their son.

His parents are now asking for help to provide what Abdullah needs. Even the smallest amount of Sadaqah is something towards providing medical and social treatment for their little boy.

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