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Support orphans with education, feeding and health care

Support orphans with education, feeding and health care

3835.84 RM Collected Of 10000.00 Goal


Education and sanitation is the major challenge. Less than 40% of the young population is literate, particularly the orphans. At the same time more than half of the population of the country is less than 18 years old.


Kareem Muslim Aid Organization (KMAO) is Non Governmental, non-partisan and nonprofit making Organization that is registered with the government of Uganda. The organization operates in Budondo Kayitabawala Village Jinja District. Its major goal is to support the rebuilding of life and happiness of affected orphans. Its current focus is restoration of peoples’ hope through economic recovery, capacity building, and psychosocial support for the marginalized children, especially orphans.

These shall be through basic Educational training, practical skills in technical institutions, promotion of hygiene and sanitation in basic primary health care and sport promotion and developing their spiritual well-being and promoting their positive attitude towards God.

The primary beneficiaries of the program shall be the targeted vulnerable groups of orphans who are affected due to the long civil conflict, especially those who have lost their parents, and have no one to care for them.


Kareem Muslim Aid Organization (KMAO) has a very strong goal of improving the quality of life of the vulnerable children and orphans through provision of education and psychosocial support programs.


To transform the lives of marginalized people especially the vulnerable children in Uganda for improved quality of life in their future.


The rationale for carrying out this study on children in abject poverty in Uganda is based on the problems resulting from the fact that children in poverty are invisible, yet they constitute a disproportionately large section of the (poor) population. Children are subsumed within the most referred to poverty categories: households, communities and people; yet among these they always occupy a position of least power and influence (Save the Children Fund UK), and focus tends to concentrate on adult-related poverty.

Children are vulnerable to shocks and adversities and, consequently, are hardest hit by poverty.


The focus of KMAO is to acquire land and establish a rehabilitation center for these children, a home as well as a primary school and a mosque. In this program, KMAO also seeks for funds to provide services required to achieve the objectives, mission and the goal in its mandate.

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